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Rev. Fr. Gregory Tipton


Parish Priest,

Saint Aelred Catholic Church

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Daisy Sullivant


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Mary Betanzos



Dr. Betanzos holds a B.A. in Arts and Ideas in the Humanities from University of Michigan and a medical degree from Michigan State University (MSU) College of Osteopathic Medicine. She spent six years as an assistant professor in Family and Community Medicine at MSU's medical school, teaching physical exam skills, doctor-patient relations, clinical reasoning, psychopathology and medical ethics. She also taught pathophysiology at MSU College of Nursing for two years. A life-long Catholic, Dr. Betanzos has five children who she has homeschooled for 7 years.  

Patsy Leamon


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Hank Sullivant


Mr. Sullivant grew up attending rich choral services at Calvary Episcopal Church in downtown Memphis, TN. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2006 with a degree in English, he spent the next ten years situated in the music industry as a recording artist, an international touring musician, and a producer and mixing engineer. When Mr. Sullivant converted to Catholicism in 2012, he began to fall in love with the musical treasures of the Church and to rediscover the choral patrimony of his Episcopal upbringing. In 2019 he became the organist, cantor, and choirmaster at Saint Aelred Catholic Church. He also teaches private piano and guitar lessons to children and adults. 

Megan Tipton

Academy Director

Mrs. Tipton holds bachelor's degrees in public affairs journalism and political science and master's degrees in social studies education and public administration and policy from the University of Georgia. As a former public school social studies teacher, coordinator of a school district summer enrichment program, graduate research intern for the state department of education's policy department, and a national think tank's policy research fellow in education, she has studied the aims, methods, and effectiveness of a variety of educational systems. As a convert to Catholicism and mother of three, Mrs. Tipton seeks to use this experience to re

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